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Baby Celebrations

Make your baby shower extra special with our fabulous baby shower party decorations. Our collections will offer plenty of inspiration – from a Gender Reveal to a Botanical Baby Shower theme.

While you're here, we thought you'd enjoy some interesting baby ceremonies from cultures around the world:

  • It's Maori tradition (New Zealand) to plant the baby's placenta on the land your ancestors came from, as a way to tie generations together. 
  • In Turkey, after a baby is born, parents don't take him or her out of the house for the first 40 days.
  • In India, a ceremony called Annaprasan is held when the baby start eating solids (baby payesh is made of rice and milk, and often boiled with sugar).
  • Because Australia is so warm, a baby is dunked in water from the moment she's born whereas in the UK, until an infant's umbilical cord falls off, you give her only sponge baths.
  • When a Brazilian baby hiccups, you take a thread from her clothing or blanket, lick it, and put it on her forehead. It's supposed to make the hiccups go away. 
  • In certain parts of Ethiopia, a baby is expected to sneeze as soon as she's born. If she doesn't, a thread is used to tickle her nostrils.