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Welcome to our Wedding category. Our wedding decorations include a fantastic range of bunting, hanging, glassware, and botanical wedding decorations with on trend finishes such as rose gold and rustic additions - perfect for all your wedding parties.

There is a long history behind weddings decorations, as people in love have been making a commitment to each other for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Experts state that prior to A.D. 1100, most marriages had no religious ceremony connected to them. Most marriages in medieval times only involved a public announcement and a kiss. Around the year 1215, weddings became involved with churches. During those times, a wedding was usually just a nice meal, not necessarily even one with decorations or special outfits. Nowadays, modern weddings involve a huge variety of colours, food, and clothes, and we at Fiesta Party Store are here to help make your weddings more memorable with our large variety of wedding supplies and decorations.