Depending on your party theme, a rainbow birthday party is an excellent opportunity to use as many bright or pastel hues as possible. Here are some of our favourite rainbow party decorations for your next children's birthday celebration, or even for a birthday party for adults.

In the event that you are considering organising a rainbow party, go no further than our Bright Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow Party ideas and inspiration! We've got everything you could possibly need right here! 

Rainbow-themed bunting, backdrop, streamers, plates,cups, rainbow pinatas and games . Having a rainbow party theme is a lot of fun since the possibilities are infinite, and the colours create for a vibrant and colourful party atmosphere.

For your rainbow birthday celebration, here are some of our favourite food, and party games suggestions:

Rainbow Birthday Cake : If you want to amaze your children at their next birthday celebration, an amazing rainbow cake is the way to go. It's also surprisingly easy to create — all you need are some basic cake ingredients and a rainbow of food colouring to get started!

Colourful Candy Bar :  You may choose from a variety of container sizes and shapes. The containers may be anything from bowls to clean vases.

Sweets: You'll need many bright colours of candy to keep your party run joyfully and complements the overall décor of your party.

Scoops: You don't want your guest reaching in with their bare hands to take their sweet delicacies from you. Provide a variety of scoops, spoons, and tongs dependent on the kind of candy being served. Ensure that the serving utensils are tiny enough to fit inside the containers while yet being big enough to fetch the candy.

Rainbow fruit tray : Rainbow fruit trays or fruit salads are a year-round fixture of gatherings and parties.

No one can keep a grin off their face when they see the colourful rainbow array of fruit that is ready to be eaten. This is the quickest and most straightforward method of bringing a sure ray of sunshine to any rainbow party.

For each colour of the rainbow, you need to choose more fruits to get varied colours, depending on availability and personal desire.

Here are a few suggestions for creating a spectacular rainbow fruit platter:

  • Red fruits and vegetables include strawberries, cherries, raspberries, watermelon, and pomegranate arils.
  • Orange fruits and vegetables include  mandarin, oranges, peaches, and nectarines.
  • Yellow fruits and vegetables include pineapple, mango, bananas, and melon.
  • Green fruits and vegetables include: kiwi and green grapes
  • Blue fruits and vegetables include blueberries and plums
  • Violet/purple fruits and vegetables include blackberries and red grapes.

Games for Rainbow Party:

Pinatas: Why not play some games? Order Rainbow Pinatas, and see who can smash out the goodies the quickest in a race against the clock. 

Shape Create Game: If you're artsy we offer " Shape Create" game. Singing, acting, and crazy drawings are all combined in this entertaining guessing game for the entire family!

This game needs a minimum of four players to be played successfully. Separate into groups and take turns selecting one action card and one object card from each pile. The players must then act, sketch, or mould the thing on the cards in order for their teammates to determine what they are thinking. For added difficulty, each round of guessing the items is limited to 60 seconds, so choose your friends carefully!

You just need a pen and a sheet of paper per team to play this fun family party game, and you're ready to shape and construct!

There are 150 cards in the pack.

1 × 30g orange moulding clay (optional).

1 × 60-second countdown timer