If you'd like to learn more about organising an eco-friendly baby shower, continue reading, or start exploring the Fiesta Party Store baby shower collections.

Listed below are our top suggestions for organising a memorable baby shower that will be remembered.

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower: Going green doesn't have to be difficult; with a few simple tweaks, it's simple to hold a stylish, environmentally friendly baby shower that doesn't sacrifice any of the festivities. Nonetheless, you're feeling overwhelmed. Would you believe us if we told you that we have a fresh new eco-conscious party collection that includes everything you need to have a green, elegant baby shower? Continue reading to learn about our top eco-friendly suggestions that you should take into consideration.

Decorations for an eco- friendly baby shower

Now comes the exciting part! Consider telling your closest friends and family members at once, if that's what you'd want.  Create a welcoming atmosphere with a really eco-friendly party décor. It would be lovely to have wooden "Baby Shower" bunting strung over the rear wall to greet guests as they enter. Use our ecologically friendly balloon arch to make for a lovely background. Everything from garland to table decorations to lanterns to photo booth props to bunting to baby reveal biodegradable confetti cannon with flames can be found at Fiesta Party Store. All of the charming small elements, that looks great in photographs and coordinates nicely will make the expecting mother feel special. 

Decorate your tables with a flowery table runner over a white tablecloth, using Botanical Baby Shower paper plates, cups, and napkins, you can finish off the lovely setting.

Baby shower Cakes : 

- Hey Baby Shower Cupcake : These baby shower cupcakes with our toppers will be the icing on the cake of your baby shower décor! 

 This floral theme is suitable for any baby shower since it is gender neutral in nature. Pick them up from our range of Botanical Baby Shower party supplies.

- Hey Baby Shower Cake: Add the ideal finishing touch to your baby shower décor with this decorative item. 

  Baby shower cake decorations such as this hey baby cake topper are perfect for the occasion.

Baby Shower Games: 

- How Big Is the Baby Bump Baby Shower Game? With this game, the celebration will continue indefinitely. 

  As you all predict the size of the baby bump, bring the guests together for a fun time. Who can predict the size of the baby bump just on the strength of their own eyes? 

  Who has a better idea of how large Mummy's stomach is? Fill out a prediction sheet and see if you can get the closest to winning the winner's glasses! 

  This is a fun game that everyone may participate in.

- Baby Shower Advice Cards : Help out the new parents by giving them a few words of wisdom as they embark on their new journey. The greatest method 

  to have a good time with family and friends during a baby shower is with these advice cards!

- Baby Prediction Baby Shower Game: Fun baby shower game with a lasting memory component! Predict what the baby will look like, 

  what they will be when they grow up, and how much they will weigh by having your visitors fill out the card. 

  Make sure your predictions are secure by putting them in the box. There is nothing like having a child to make you realise who was correct!

- Baby Names Box : With our baby name suggestion box, you may have a good time at your gender reveal party. Simply invite your guests to jot down a name 

  for a newborn boy or girl and place it in the baby names box during your event.

Gift Giving 

It is a well-known fact in the world of party planning that coming up with creative favours that your guests won't simply toss away when they go home may be difficult.  The search for the ideal baby shower favours is no different in this regard. There are generally a large number of diverse persons in attendance, ranging from friends to relatives, and ranging from young to elderly. And although you know you won't be able to satisfy everyone, you want to please the vast majority of people.

So, what kinds of baby shower favours are both practical and entertaining? We've taken care of everything! These favours may be utilised by almost anybody.

- Sweet but low sugar treats bags

- Personalized Wine Glasses

- Cactus or succulent pot 

- Packet of Seeds 

- Puzzles

- Piggy Bank 

- Plant Misters

In addition to all these, there are many other aspects of a baby shower to consider. Check out our whole selection of baby shower items, which includes games, decorations, 

and everything else you could want. Alternatively, you may visit our blog for additional ideas.